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Patch #1

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Patch #1

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2021-09-25 #23469

Hey Xerazains!

A small patch we worked on just out of oven!

- Troll champions donation coin is now doubled.
- Two new hunting areas added for starters area below 150 rebirth with good donation coin drop as well.
- Fixed bug with tasks (still not 100% fixed, trying to reproduce more test cases),
- All manarunes (cursed, admin mana, ultimate, etc) will now show how much they heal in millions and billions and percentage to give you feedback about how much you heal.
- Increased base healing for both admin and upgraded mana runes.
- Ultimate manarune animation has been updated.
- Ultimate Wand receive little bit of damage reduction while both Ultimate Bow and Sword received an increase to loosen the huge gap between the damage weapons at early stage.
- Welcome "Thegenius" as our new Helper!
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