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Patch #4

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Patch #4

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2021-09-25 #23472

Hey Xerazains!

We have just finished an update guys based on your most recent feedback to us:
1. Increased exp of both Drillworm and Party Skeleton in Eternize to make it feel rewarding since the area requires a cost in advance to access.
2. Added MDC rewards to all tasks between 1100-1300 rebirths.
3. Added new team hunting area "Classic Hydra" teleport can be found in Eternize ship, you do need a Knight a small team to hunt here, so team up!
4. Added new task for Classic Hydra, reward is MDC, runes, and 2 rebirths.
5. Added new hunting area Askarak Demon and Shaburak Demon (tp located at Eternize ship).
6. Added two new tasks for Askarak Demon and Shaburak Demon to the Tasks Manager

See you in game and thank you for the continuous support :heart:
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