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Patch #6

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Patch #6

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2021-09-25 #23474

Hey Xerazains!

New Patch guys!

- We defeated lags together, completely. Highexp.net is lag free with all its 9999999999x level of customizations and rates. Special celebration soon.
- Vitals city tasks rewards increased from 2 MDC each to 10 MDCs.
- Added new item to remove dungeon cooldown located at the Dungeons Hub entrance.
- Added new team hunting zone in Eternize ship "Dark Space", special thanks to @Dhavii for providing us with the map :heart:
- Increased second wigglers task reward (the 250 wiggle task one) to 20 MDC instead of 12.
- Classic Hydra task reduced to 200 kills requirement instead of 240 and reward has been increased to 20 MDC.
- Guild Management is now working through in game commands (requires relog to activate guild creation, joining, etc.)
- Removed Ice and Energy protection from both monsters Shaburak Demon and Askarak Demon
- Exp is now normalized across all the different level stages within the same rebirth which means that advancing levels is no longer stubborn in the 2 million levels stage or easy at in the100k levels stage. Exp is now normalized means there should be no more peaks at early levels or hard gain at late levels this means dying at level 300k should not be any less than dying at 1 million. Only the rebirth stage should be the big factor.
- Decreased given exp of monster "Super Lizard Chosen".
- Anti Bot (afk checker) is now on.
- Classic Hydra will now drain your mana and deals less melee damage, get a Knight!
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