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Patch #8

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Patch #8

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2021-09-25 #23476

Hey Xerazains!

New Patch guys!

- Evil Skeleton's spawn rate is now 2x time faster, added little more monsters, to its resp also its killing spree gives higher percentage of bonus exp.
- Ice Queen is now accessible from 100 reb instead of 170, also a second Ice Queen resp has been added to Wells.
- Hunting kill streak leftover bonus experience will be saved and automatically released upon rebirthing.
- New item added to the in-game shop for "Non PvP Pin" Using this pin will put your character in a no pvp state for an hour. You may neither attack other players nor be attacked, the state cannot be cancelled earlier than its duration and it can be only used once per day. The item costs x10 Online Tokens or 500 Premium Points from website.
- Death penalty is now more harsh and can even lower your rebirth!
- VIP set quest has been reduced to 500 reb instead of 750.
- New set "Steel Set" quest has been added for 750 reb, the set gives 12% protection.
- "exevo death hur" has been buffed.
- "Sibang" and "Little" Kongra exp has been doubled.
- Fire Storm Event reward has been updated to x50 MDC and x30 Exp Eggs, the event also will determine one winner and handle the case of fire touching the last two alive players at the same time until only one player wins!
- Help channel will have a cooldown of one message every 10 seconds.

More content is being cooked, stay tuned!
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