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Patch #9

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Patch #9

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2021-09-25 #23477

Hey Xerazains!

New Patch Guys! 1500 Rebirth+ Content, Strength Points System, New Tasks, Dungeon Rewards, Bosses Reworks, and general changes!

- Firestorm will start more often (4-5 times a day)

- New 1500+ Areas (5 New Hunting Areas), go to the ship and climb the stairs.

- Reworked all bosses in teleport room starting from 700 rebirths ones (damage and loots are now relevant to the offered challenge level).

- Dungeon rewards received MDC boost to be random between 40 to 50.

- Dungeon rewards now has rare chance of giving Santa Claus Exp Apple.

- Dungeon rewards no longer has Admin SD.

-Added new 1200 boss at the Bosses room called "Buffed Necromancer"

-Players who are above 1500 will receive less exp from Guzzlemaw, Frazzlemaw, and Silencer while will receive much higher exp from their new rebirth stage content [Lord Vampire, Burning Kongra, Rotflayer, Rotflayer Bro, Mourncreep, Vilepaw]

-Strength Points system is now activated! boost your character powers every time you unlock a strength points. Use !strengthpoints to know currently available points in the game, also the Strength Points Energizers (which is an item needed to activate the strength point powers into your char after obtaining it) is lootable from Raid Summoner + The weekly raid bosses.

- Added New Tasks for 1500 Rebirth+ with reasonable rewards.

- Early access to the three new task based 1500 areas can be obtained from shop (Rotflayer, Rotflayer Bro, Mourncreep, Vilepaw).
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