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Patch #11

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Patch #11

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2021-09-25 #23479

Hey Xerazains!

New Patch guys! @everyone
- Added new game content for 2000+ rebirth stage, unlock the new content by completing the quest for 2000 at the quests room.

- Added new hunting areas for 2000+ rebirth in the ship.

- Added new tasks for 2000+ rebirths.

- Added new Dungeon #3 to the Dungeons Hub teleport which has a chance of giving Jester Outfit Doll.

- Added new boss "Confirmed Braindeath" to the Raid Summoner item.

- Weekly bosses: increased bosses loot duration to be 10 minutes instead of 3 minutes. Now, you will be able to open the chest as long it exists and you participated into killing the boss.

- Disabled guild management commands in the GWE.

- Fixed minor map bugs.

- Entering boss area with no PVP will cancel the no-PVP pin.

- New "Damage Per Second" feature is now active where the damage dealt will be shown as summation of damage dealt per second instead of fractions.

- Guild War Event is now active where you can weekly compete against different guilds in an arrange controlled open war map! Friday at 21:00 CET.

See you in next patch!
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