Character Information

Name: Alezxis
Position: Player
Sex: Male
Rebirths: 1662
Strength Points: 16 and 13 of them are energized
Marital status: Single
House: Heaven House #6
Vocation: Epic Master Sorcerer
Level: 960008
Guild Membership: Member of the Uproar
Last login: 1 hour and 54 minutes
Vip Status: V.I.P

Health Max
Mana Max


Name   *
Brotherhood Outfit
Dream Warden Outfit
Dream Warden Outfit

Strength Points

Gozzler [Boss] Braindeath [Boss]
Hellgorak [Boss] Leviathan [Boss]
Minishabaal [Boss] Man In The Cave [Boss]
Glory Dragon [Boss] Green Hulk [Boss]
Lava Golem [Boss] The Putrid Monster [Boss]
Pharaoh Vashresamun [Boss] Galltooth [Boss]
Warpbeast [Boss] Buffed Necromancer [Boss]
Cenar Skystrike [Raid] Noire Ripper [Raid]
Lava Butcher [Raid] The Butcher [Raid]
Xerazx GazHaragoth [Raid] Dungeon #1 completion strength point
Dungeon #2 completion strength point Dungeon #3 completion strength point
Cenar Skystrike [Raid] Noire Ripper [Raid]
Final Destination [Raid] The Butcher [Raid]

About Me

Created: 4 months and 20 hours ago
Real Name: N/A
Flag: MX
Location N/A
Email N/a
Comment N/A


11 Oct 2021Died at rebirth 1653 by hunting demon.
10 Oct 2021Died at rebirth 1644 by hunting demon and by fire elemental.
29 Sep 2021Died at rebirth 1638 by Burning Kongra.
25 Sep 2021Killed at rebirth 1635 by Old Sniper.
17 Sep 2021Killed at rebirth 1613 by James Brown, Lancaster, King Mohmed and by lost dragon.
17 Sep 2021Died at rebirth 1608 by epic diabolic imp and by Rawlss.
9 Sep 2021Died at rebirth 1591 by lord vampire viscount and by James Brown.
7 Sep 2021Died at rebirth 1571 by frost gazi and by Tony.
7 Sep 2021Killed at rebirth 1571 by Tony.
7 Sep 2021Killed at rebirth 1571 by Tony and by Dead Silence.

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