Support Team

Position Character Last Activity
R Test Druid 20 weeks, 5 days
R Test Ms 22 weeks, 1 day
R Test Ek 10 weeks, 4 days
R Test Char 10 weeks, 4 days
Test Paladin 79 weeks, 4 days
Administrator Jean 127 weeks, 4 days
Administrator GM Xerazx 10 weeks, 5 days
Helper Ayon Edor 31 weeks, 2 days
Helper Sin 43 weeks, 6 days
Helper Hortblade 134 weeks, 5 days

If you couldn't reach any of our team in game, you can always ask players on Forums. If you wish to directly contact one of our Support Specialists you may always Connect on Discord server with CM Jean or Xerazx.