Character Information

Name: Robocop
Position: Player
Sex: Male
Rebirths: 426
Strength Points: 0
Marital status: Single
Vocation: Epic Elder Druid
Level: 552680
Guild Membership: Member of the Black Skulls
Last login: 44 minutes and 29 seconds
Vip Status: V.I.P

Health Max
Mana Max


Strength Points

Gozzler [Boss] Braindeath [Boss]
Hellgorak [Boss] Leviathan [Boss]
Minishabaal [Boss] Man In The Cave [Boss]
Glory Dragon [Boss] Green Hulk [Boss]
Lava Golem [Boss] The Putrid Monster [Boss]
Pharaoh Vashresamun [Boss] Galltooth [Boss]
Warpbeast [Boss] Buffed Necromancer [Boss]
Cenar Skystrike [Raid] Noire Ripper [Raid]
Lava Butcher [Raid] The Butcher [Raid]
Xerazx GazHaragoth [Raid] Dungeon #1 completion strength point
Dungeon #2 completion strength point Dungeon #3 completion strength point
Cenar Skystrike [Raid] Noire Ripper [Raid]
Final Destination [Raid] The Butcher [Raid]

About Me

Created: 4 days and 22 hours ago
Real Name: N/A
Flag: US
Location N/A
Email N/a
Comment N/A


* Name Rebirth Status *
1 Captain Crunch
Epic Master Sorcerer
410 Online View
2 Robocop
Epic Elder Druid
426 Online View
3 Dark Creatures
Epic Royal Paladin
416 Online View
4 Call Of Booty
Epic Elite Knight
419 Online View
5 Bank Account
Epic Royal Paladin
426 Online View
6 Jasmine
Royal Paladin
332 Online View
7 Brittany
Royal Paladin
309 Online View
8 Jessica
Elite Knight
322 Online View
9 Ashleyy
Elder Druid
319 Online View
10 Yessica
Royal Paladin
307 Online View
11 Patricia
Epic Royal Paladin
795 Online View
12 Maria
Elite Knight
355 Online View
13 Vin Diesal
Elder Druid
0 Offline View
14 Austin Powerz
Royal Paladin
0 Offline View
15 New Powerz
Royal Paladin
2 Online View


12 Oct 2021Died at rebirth 0 by A Dark Sorcerer.

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