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posted on Sun, Jun 06, 2021 — A Decade of Success is Reborn

Hey Xerazains,

We missed you. We really did.

Welcome to Xerazx-OTS 2021 Reborn - This is the very first time we reset Xerazx-OTS in 10 years; together we grew, in this game server a lot of emotions we have expereinced. Leveling up, battling, chasing both glory and victory, and definitely made friendships that lasted for years! With this reborn to our beloved server we would like to reconnect and spark the best of our memories on Highexp. We did our best to update the server, expand its content and add new features but without changing its identiy or making you feel that you are playing a different server, we loved this formula of Highexp which made it last for 10 years! and in this patch we are bringing various changes to the game, new content. Our objective is to enhance and polish the game into something that is self-healing, self-competiting, and continuous challenging game-world, either on the PvP side or the other game content.

Table of Content

Strength Points System and Energizers

Strength Points is a new attribute that each character on Highexp will be carrying, it contributes to how powerful is your character in terms of damage dealing; side by side with your reborn strength points will determine how much power does your character have. Strength Points can be looted with random chance upon the following: dungeon completion, killing of certain bosses (list will be posted on website), from certain monsters hunting, from hidden treasures across the game map. While we will keep it mysterious how many strength points exists into the game but we can assure you that there are enough points spread across the entire game map.

Once you have obtained a strength points it gets added to your character but remains passive until you activate it by using a strength point energizer which can be obtained through the same channels as strengh points, difference is that strenght points energizers are useable and tradeable items while strength points themselves are built in attribute inside your character like rebirth.

Artificially Intelligent Dungeons

Dungeons are new feature in where you will expereince a specially prepared zone with monsters, bosses, and secrets prepared for you and your fellow team. A dungeon can be played with minimum of 2 players and maximum 5 and has a cooldown of 6 hours, you can do maximum of four dungeons per day. Inside the dungeons you will face monsters which are scaled to your team's strength.

What rewards do I get from Dungeons

The monsters inside of dungeons and bosses have a chance of giving you a strength point on death, some dungeons on completion can give you random unique outfits, mounts, and rare items, you also get dungeons tokens from each dungeon which can be used in Dungeon's shop to get exclusive in game powers such as weapon upgraders and pets, the shop is located at Heaven's city depot last floor.

Where I can find Dungeons to play?

Dungeons teleport are located at Xerazx's city temple, currently we have five different dungeons.

NEW Monsters Killing Spree System

Xerazx-OTS is a highexp kind of server, at the start of the server your journey begins with a x99999999 vibe where you spam spells against hundreds and hundreds of monsters such as Troll Champion to level up your character, as your character matures into the game the RPG aspect of the game contnet is revealed to you where the x99999999 vibe gradually fades and you are faced with significantally less yet stronger monsters such as "Lost Dragon"; the monsters killing spree is a feature that has two stages, at the early stage of the game upon killing squishy monsters such as Troll Champion in less than a second a new patch of the monster will be respawn in front of you, and for each monster you kill you will be stacking a number on top of your character declaring how many monsters you have killed in a non stopping manner, as you continue driving your momentum of killing monsters the number increases till the momemntum goes away if you stopped killing for certain amount of time, and you get rewarded with expereince that is based on the score achieved during the killing spree of monsters. Furthermore, there is a Monsters Streak Leaderboard showing the highest score a player achived during a killing spree for each monster in the game. Stronger monsters later in the game have less chance of being respawned as often as squishy ones but the same system applies to them of both bonus expereince points and killing spree scores.

NEW Super Pets

In this update we are bringing a new set of limited pets; The Super Pets are special type of pets which is very powerful, attacks very fast, and smart. The Super Pets can be earned through Dungeon rewards and later on they will be added to more places in the game such as event rewards. Once you have found a Supet Pet item you can use it and it will summon you its relevant super pet, the item will be removed once the pet is summoned, so make sure to use your super pet wisely. The pet also heals itself very frequently to avoid dying easily.

Updated Existing Pets

Our unique Pet System received a significant rework where all the pets inside the game have been buffed to match their rebirth stage, pets will be stronger, smarter, and attack faster.

New Bosses & Hidden Quests

Face new challenges, defeat new mighty bosses on Xerazx-OTS Lands, this update we are introducing many new bosses spread across the map dropping unique items such as Supet Pets, Exclusive Mounts, Exclusive Outfits, and many more! Some of the new bosses will be located directly at the bosses teleport room and others will be spread across the map in hunting areas.

  • New Bosses cannot be spawn blocked and will spawn after certain interval.
  • New Bosses has a chance of giving a strength point to the killer.
  • New Bosses drops excluive in-game items.

New Leaderboards & Monthly Rewards

We are bringing new set of game leaderboards to highlight top players in various aspects of the game; at the beginning of every month the top player on below lists will receive a random reward.

Special thanks to the amazing community of Xerazx-OTS, for the continuous support you gave us over the years and we are very excited to reborn our beloved server. We are here and antcipate more continuous updates.

Thanks for tuning into the Xerazx-OTS Summer 2021 Launching News. We looking forward to seeing you in the game. For any bug reports please post them directly into this thread on our forums.

Kind Regards,
Xerazx-OTS Team.