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posted on Sat, Sep 09, 2021

Patch #13

Hey Xerazains!

@everyone Another patch is here guys! More is being cooked as part of your suggestions that was stated in the ?-suggestions channel, so keep it going! and thank you everyone for supporting and being part of our community!

- Two new bosses which drops strength points added to the Bosses room.

- New hunting area for 2000 rebirth+ you need to maintain a good kill streak to unlock the exp, killing monsters only
won't grant you enough exp, so keep your spree going!

- New Task for 2000 rebirth+

- New Outfit and its addons that can be found inside the new 2k area, 3 new secret quests must be done to unlock.

- New mount "Treefooder" mount added to the shop.

- New Dungeon #4 is now added to the game, it has a chance of rewarding you with 5 days Premium Scroll.

- Disabled "exeta taunt" in Race Event.

- Disabled healing one another with upgraded cursed vial.

- Dungeons scale reduced by 20% in both health and damage aspects.