News >> Patch #16

posted on Sat, Sep 09, 2021

Patch #16

Greetings Fellow Xerazains — New Patch! Knights Buff and more!

  • Mighty Morgana deals 50% less damage now and gives 150% more exp, the exp is also 30% bonused if more than two players hunt there.

  • New Hunting room has been created to group the 1100-1500 players hunting stage.

  • New 1100-1500 resp added "Swampling" you will find at the stage hunting room.

  • Knights spell "Exori Hur Gran Mas" has received significant damage increase, it works in a 1-sqm range so get closer to your target and spank them!

  • New Knight spell "Exori Gran" is now for 1000+ rebirth deals massive amount of damage, you can use this spell at hunting at PVP but with cautions not damage your allies as you are damaging your target! As a Knight now, if you want to single target someone you have to chase that player and your character will deal most of the damage that way, stacking both your passive and the Exori Hur Gran Mas spell will burst damage the target, if you need some AOE during hunting use "Exori Gran" and if you are surrounded by many enemies go for Exori Gran as well. Mega Gran becomes your kind of "range / shooting" spell if someone is trapped and you were not at the frontline.

  • Winter King Mount quest has been reduced to 1800 instead of 1900 so many of you can stack and do it!

  • New War Zone teleport added inside the Arena teleport, you can also summon the Raid monsters there.

  • Added !fly ship to the fly command.

  • Double Exp for all players for the next 48 hours!

See you in the game!
Xerazx-OTS Team.