Character Information

Name: Knighty
Position: Player
Sex: Female
Rebirths: 1500
Strength Points: 0
Marital status: Single
Vocation: Elite Knight
Level: 3759374
Last login: 1 year and 8 months
Vip Status: Not Vip

Health Max
Mana Max


Strength Points

Gozzler [Boss] Braindeath [Boss]
Hellgorak [Boss] Leviathan [Boss]
Minishabaal [Boss] Man In The Cave [Boss]
Glory Dragon [Boss] Green Hulk [Boss]
Lava Golem [Boss] The Putrid Monster [Boss]
Pharaoh Vashresamun [Boss] Galltooth [Boss]
Warpbeast [Boss] Buffed Necromancer [Boss]
Cenar Skystrike [Raid] Noire Ripper [Raid]
Lava Butcher [Raid] The Butcher [Raid]
Xerazx GazHaragoth [Raid] Dungeon #1 completion strength point
Dungeon #2 completion strength point Dungeon #3 completion strength point
Cenar Skystrike [Raid] Noire Ripper [Raid]
Final Destination [Raid] The Butcher [Raid]

About Me

Created: 1 year and 10 months ago
Real Name: N/A
Flag: DE
Location N/A
Email N/a
Comment N/A


* Name Rebirth Status *
1 Jean
Master Sorcerer
1732 Offline View
2 Paladino
Master Sorcerer
30 Offline View
3 Magmora
Royal Paladin
0 Offline View
4 Knighty
Elite Knight
1500 Offline View
5 Sorcerery
Epic Master Sorcerer
1517 Offline View
6 Druidy
Elder Druid
1101 Offline View
7 Startersss
Master Sorcerer
186 Offline View
8 Paladin Test
Royal Paladin
1 Offline View
9 Firstaugust Knight
Spin Elite Knight
172 Offline View


31 Aug 2021Died at rebirth 1500 by lord vampire viscount.
18 Aug 2021Died at rebirth 1001 by Heap golem.

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