Character Information

Name: Tony
Position: Player
Sex: Female
Rebirths: 2186
Strength Points: 17 and 17 of them are energized
Marital status: Married to Demzy
Vocation: Epic Master Sorcerer
Level: 4000000
Guild Membership: Member of the Uproar
Last login: 10 months and 2 weeks
Vip Status: Not Vip

Health Max
Mana Max



Name   *
Brotherhood Outfit
Cave Explorer Outfit

Strength Points

Gozzler [Boss] Braindeath [Boss]
Hellgorak [Boss] Leviathan [Boss]
Minishabaal [Boss] Man In The Cave [Boss]
Glory Dragon [Boss] Green Hulk [Boss]
Lava Golem [Boss] The Putrid Monster [Boss]
Pharaoh Vashresamun [Boss] Galltooth [Boss]
Warpbeast [Boss] Buffed Necromancer [Boss]
Cenar Skystrike [Raid] Noire Ripper [Raid]
Lava Butcher [Raid] The Butcher [Raid]
Xerazx GazHaragoth [Raid] Dungeon #1 completion strength point
Dungeon #2 completion strength point Dungeon #3 completion strength point
Cenar Skystrike [Raid] Noire Ripper [Raid]
Final Destination [Raid] The Butcher [Raid]

About Me

Created: 2 years and 5 months ago
Real Name: N/A
Flag: MX
Location N/A
Email N/a
Comment N/A


* Name Rebirth Status *
1 Tony
Epic Master Sorcerer
2186 Offline View
2 Haatsuki
Elder Druid
213 Offline View


27 Nov 2021Died at rebirth 2184 by confirmed braindeath.
1 Nov 2021Died at rebirth 2180 by confirmed braindeath.
14 Oct 2021Died at rebirth 2164 by xerazx gazharagoth.
13 Oct 2021Died at rebirth 2164 by raging devil.
12 Oct 2021Died at rebirth 2163 by magmshaman and by MagmWiggler.
12 Oct 2021Died at rebirth 2163 by MagmHulk.
26 Sep 2021Killed at rebirth 2140 by Mr Savage, green elemental, Pojken and by glooth anemone.
26 Sep 2021Died at rebirth 2138 by glooth anemone.
22 Sep 2021Killed at rebirth 2131 by Magnoon, Koyla, Xxspartexx and by Dureace.
21 Sep 2021Died at rebirth 2129 by lost berserker.

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